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Grand Finals are what dreams are made of - the plan is simple, you put a little in with the hope that you get a little out…


Every band that registered and played DIG THE GIG UOA 2023 put everything in and gave us the fans so much more than we bargained for - we are truly grateful.


Galatos was on fire! The cool thing about DIG THE GIG is that it's a movement created by the bands and their fans - without the fans there is no NOISE - without the bands there is no FANS - you put those two things together and when its on it is a blazing inferno!


Uncommon State played superbly - I have no words left to describe this band anymore - you just need to see them live. It is that simple. We love these guys to bits.


Jack Bromich and his band of thieves were supper slick - they busted out a brand new original and played as it was their final show of their lives - thank God that this is not the case as these guys are going to go long and wide for some time. We have loved their style on and off stage. Gents it has been a pleasure to hang with you. 


Mull Brain are confident Mofo's. They don't mess about, they get straight into the business end of their brutal set and made no bones about why they were performing in the grand final. It was the first time since the inception of DIG THE GIG that I witnessed stage diving - enough said.


Bullet Stars have been a pleasure to watch over their DTG shows. They have stood up for love on every occasion and have played their unique originals to the core whilst getting tighter and tighter every time they hit the stage. A huge future lies ahead if they can keep up that positive song writing momentum. 


Ventura Black has been a treat to have onboard as the DTG UOA house band. A very colourful human on and off the stage that warmed the PA up perfectly and really set the scene heat after heat, into the semis and the final. Keep an ear out for his up and coming new releases. Don't go changing James:)


Emma Dilemma as always stole the show but in the best way possible. Grand finals bring the best out of all us - Emma had the best coming out of her across every show - We thank her for all that positive energy - if I could bottle it up man it would be one hell of a perfume. 


Andrea and her Hospitalities Hero’s at Galatos - thank you for the support and the love. You guys are amazing.


Chris, Dan & PJ for the sound and the lights - you delivered every show - incredibly humans!

Samatha, thank you for capturing the incredible energy across the Auckland Shows! 


NZ Backline for the cool amps and Tama drum kit. Such a pleasure to have connected with Tony and his team. Thanks for the support. 


Major Major we salute you for your support and love for our live university up and coming bands here in Aotearoa. It really is a wonderful time and place in the history of NZ music. Thanks for believing in the DIG THE GIG movement. It means a shit load. 


To all our supporting sponsors…


Recycle Boutique


The Lab

Sals Pizza


Rhythm & Vines

212 Music Group


Your faith and support have given these incredible university bands & fans a big lift and we look forward to continuing this wonderful relationship. 


See you in 2024 for some NOISE and incredible live NZ University MUSIC.


From the crew at DIG THE GIG - Give all you can then give some more.



It was a full house at Galatos on Thursday night. DIG THE GIG semi finals are a big deal.


The bands and fans have worked hard to get to this stage of the comp and it's a fair assumption that anything will happen and it usually does. 


The distance between the band and its audience is a very exciting space - the magic that happens in that space are what dreams are made of.


Bullets Stars kicked off the night wth a new set of originals that went down like a fine wine. The lead singer demanded authority and got rewarded accordingly. This band is new to the scene but with control and precision and under the right care who knows what the future holds.


The Affairs are a very good live band. Strong guitar hooks, precise drum fills and a base player that goes deeper than most. Impressive set. Well played. 


Mull Brain continue to bedazzle the crowd. They have a strong set of fans - it looks like they are winning a few other groupies over as well. These cats are slick and know how to bring the noise. Confident rock n rollers with a heap of swagger. 

Uncommon State played superbly - going from strength to strength in all aspects of their colourful show. Their is a very good reason we have Wild Cards. If this band keeps up this momentum it will be one hell of a crescendo come finals. 


Stacked tore into their superior but fastidious set and started up the frenzy from their heat 1 show. Super slick band with a stand in drummer that played like a rocket!


Jack Bromwich didn’t let the crowd down - he was never going to. Great new original and a cracker of a set that really lifted the energy in the big room. Ones to watch out for  - great sounding four piece that on their night will destroy any thing that heads their way. 


Psycho Gab finished the night off with a cool, calm and collected set. Incredible musicians that know how to play. It's that simple - pure masters.


Congrats to Uncommon State for winning the semi final and well deserved. The  bands that have made it through to the finals are going to be pushing pretty hard to win this emphatic rock n roll race to the finish line! 


Ventura Black warmed up the PA once again in fine fashion! Your John Mayer cover was a spectacle - beautifully played guitar parts that JM would have been impressed by. 


Emma Dilemma kept greasing the wheels until that last fan and band left the venue.


Chris and PJ on the sound and the lights over delivered on their promise once again.


Thanks to Molly and the awesome bar staff for their time and expertise - hospitality hero’s at their finest. 


Sals you guys keep getting better and better. Don’t go changing. 


Major Major we love your product and your style and your support of local, live, University music here in Aotearoa. 


Thanks to all the supporting sponsors - see you at the first DTG UOA Grand Final on September 14th. It will be insane!


All gave some but some gave all.


See all you good souls at our first DTG UOA 2023 Grand Final on Sept 14th.



turned it up!

DTG UOA Heat 3 at Galatos on Thursday night was always going to be a belter.


The four bands that took to the Ring of Rock N Roll played their hearts out and all deserved their time in the sun.


Locals Only are a four piece indie band lead by Madison Daniel. She sung beautifully and the band back her up accordingly - gentle hooks that shook the room and pulled the colourful crowd in real tight. Well played. 


Cyanide Altar are a doom/sludge metal band to the core. These guys are heavy but have the skills to change the tempo up, around and sideways in a heart beat. Alice in Chains and Kyuss eat your friggin hearts out! 


Uncommon State looked like they had just stepped off a Greatful Dead film set! It takes a lot of pussy to kick your set off with Shine On You Crazy Diamonds but they absolutely drilled it - and then continued to roll out their psychedelic surf rock originals in spades. These guys are ones to watch out for and the crowd loved every bit of it. Possibly one of the best sets we have witnessed over the past three years at DTG. 


Jack Bromwich and his indie emo band closed out the evening and they certainly didn’t drop the bar - in fact they raised it a little more - very catchy tunes from this extremely confident lad from Manchester. They are super tight and could go all the way. The crowd certainly agreed when they roared for their favourite and the decibel meter sent them to the semi's!


Huge thanks again to Ventura Black for warming up the PA so well that the speakers had a little smoke coming through. Loved his cover of Chains.


Chris & Dan for the super sound and the razzel dazzle lighting. You guys are legends! Dan you will be missed for the semis and the grand final. 


Our Host with the Most - Emma Dilemma for her hot swagger and keeping the show flowing like the Whaspen Water Falls.


Samantha Davies has been doing a mighty fine job of laying out the lens and capturing these incredible bands - don't go changing Samantha:) 


Our kick ass friends at K-Road Sals for the delicious pizza. 


Andrea and her incredibly kind staff. You ladies are one of a kind.


Steinlager for the cold beers.


Our wonderful naming rights sponsor - Major Major - say no more!


See all you good souls at our first DTG UOA 2023 semi final on August 31st.


The semi finalists will be announce this week including FIVE WILDCARDS - its going to be a ripper! 



A blue bird day in the City of Sails was exactly what the doctor ordered in preparation for DTG UOA heat 2 at Galatos.


Huge thanks to Ventura Black for warming up the PA. This guy has incredible talent. We loved his performance so much we have asked back to warm up the PA for DTG UOA heat 3. 


Our good folks at K' Road Sal's were amazing as usual. UOA students love Sal's!


Thanks to Andrea and her wonderful team at Galatos for hosting a rowdy and exciting crowd. 


Chris & Dan for the super sound and lush lighting! You guys are killing it. 


Major Major for the cold cans of your sensational product.


And thank you Steinlager for the cold beer.


Four piece indie rockers Urban Oasis wandered onto the stage as cool as cucumbers - their set was super laid back and relaxed and by their third song they seemed thoroughly enjoying the experience - this was their first ever show and they nailed it!


Neo-Soul band Psycho Gab clearly know a thing or two about putting on a sensational show. Rosetta Stone's vocal delivery was impeccable - in fact the whole band were insanely tight and heroic. We loved their set.


Mull Brain took to the stage with vigour and swag - Post punk four piece, these guys are very good. Great originals and their System of A Down cover (Aerial) was epic! 


Huge tap on the shoulder to all the bands that performed - Congrats to Mull Brain for winning DTG UOA Heat 2 - You brought the crowd and you lifted the roof off Galatos.


See all you good souls at DTG UOA Heat 3 on August 17th. 



DTG VUW & MU 2023 commenced on April 29th. Three all mighty heats, an exceptional semi final with the grand final taking place last night. 


Valhalla was packed to the gunnels. The fans have consistently turned up every second Sunday since heat one and have hands down kept this event flying sky high!


A huge hug to Ben and his incredibly talented Valhalla Crew - your sound, lights, bar staff and positive energy has made this DTG comp unreal. Thank you.


Steph at Sals Pizza on Cuba Street - we thank you for your support and feeding the fans and bands - they love Sals pizza. 


Emma Dilemma was again exceptional as our Host with the Most - we reckon she could get the decibel meter to alarming figures if she had the chance! 


A huge thanks to our naming rights sponsor Major Major for the cold cans and love across this event - you guys are simply the best. 


Supporting sponsor Recycle Boutique you guys are legends - don't go changing. 


Big thanks to James at MU and Matt at VUWSA for promoting the heats, semis and the final across both campuses.  


A tip of the hat to Smile Dealers for the cool photo initiatives for the fans of their favourite bands last night. Great to see you guys again. We love your work. 


Rose Lubransky was invited back to play the house band duties and she so deserved the warm welcome on this frosty cold night in the Capitol. Her songs are heartfelt and so cleverly crafted that you really want to give her a huge hug. We have loved getting to know Rose - she is awesome and keep an eye on her journey. 


First band stepping into the ring of rock n roll was CIAN. Front man Connor Matthews was back in full force and leading the charge as convincingly as ever. CIAN are heavy hitters, their skillset is unpredictable but with malice and you cant help getting carried away with their boisterois energy. Another superb set by these loveable titans. 


BADTAB changed the mood beautifully with their rmulti-instrumental psychedelic orchestra vibes and really took Valhalla on a journey to their planet of Glopnorg in the Keppler System - and it must be pointed out that every one enjoyed TRIP - Immensely! A cracker of a set.


Bam & The Monks are something extremely special. Sensational young talent that keeps getting better every time we all meet at Valhalla. They look great, sound great, feel great and they aren’t scared of taking big risks and pushing their already ridiculously high musical standards to higher levels of insanity and precision. We love these dudes big time!


Final act of the night was Solar Daze - it has to be pointed out that these guys were Wild Cards. They got beaten in their heat - their fans left a little early and it all came unstuck. They clearly sent a memo to their fans and the rest as they is history. Solar Daze played a great show. They know their shit and they got the job done last night and were crowned winners of the first season of DIG THE GIG VUW & MU. Congrats on a superb performance. 


To all the bands that register and played - we cant thank you enough. The quality of the bands was insane on and off the stage. We hope to see you again next year for season two of DTG VUW & MU 2024.


Give all you can then give some more. 



DIG THE GIG UOA landed at Galatos on Thursday night and it was special.


The City of Sails has always generated positive energy - we all felt that energy at the first heat of DTG UOA 2023.


Five UOA bands laid down their instruments and climbed into the ring of rock n roll - what unfolded was historic. 


The Affairs came out firing on all cylinders. Avery tight and controlled soft rock four piece that played superbly. Their original songs have huge promise and the cover of Yellow was perfect! Ones to watch out for across this comp. We loved your show. 


Exit Sign hit the stage with power and aggression. A three piece band that won me over with their Melvins cover. These guys are good. A few more shows under their colourful belts and I guarantee good things will emerge. Keep it going Exit Sign.


Local héros Stacked bounced onto the Galatos main room stage and ripped everything to pieces in seconds. High voltage, high energy and extremely high calibre of musicianship had the crowd in a FRENZY! I was concerned that limbs were about to expire in the mosh pit. Awesome to have these guys in the comp. Im sure we will be seeing them again soon.


Six piece pop band The Gregorists floated onto the stage and kicked off their set with a cover of the Eagles - Hotel California. I have to say that over the three years that DTG has been running this was a huge song to play first up - but they totally nailed it. It was their first show as a band which made it even more special. Great artists that all gave 120 percent. It was a delight to witness your first show at DIG THE GIG UOA. Thank you. 


The final band of the night was Bullets Stars. A six piece female rock band that arrived and they let loose big time. A wonderful example of a band that are new to playing live but didn’t let the fear get in their way - they used it to galvanise their performance and win over the ecstatic crowd with ease. 


Congrats to Bullet Stars for winning  DTG UOA 2023 Heat One.


See you at the semi finals - remember you have to bring your crowd and bring the NOISE!


See you at heat two on Thursday August 3rd at Galatos - Aucklands best live music venue by a long shot. 

wellington FINALiSts decided!

get ready to rock!

Another balmy winters day in the capitol.


You have to love the good humans at Valhalla - Ben and his awesome team put on a cracker of show for the DTG VUW & MU semi final.


Rose Lubransky had the DTG House band reigns and my god did she deliver - incredible voice with original songs that will melt your heart! If you aren’t familiar with Rose you need to get in the real world real quick!


The InBetween made a sterling start to the proceedings and played beautifully. Catchy songs that they seem to be play with ease make this band stand out - crowd favourites would be an understatement. 


CIAN hit the stage with vigour and attitude! Their super experienced, pin up boy and charismatic lead singer Connor Matthew was down with the flu (great to see him rocking it out in the mosh pit)  but it didn’t stop CIAN from starting a riot! The stand-in front man certainly filled some loud shoes but pulled the set off without a hitch. Awesome energy - especially from Zed Ramsay behind the kit. You are a beast! 


Heat 3 Wild Cards - Solar Daze are a pretty special bunch of Hi-Class musician’s and performers. These guys are made for the big league and they quite possibility played the best set of the DTG VUW & MU comp thus far. It all seemed to click and fall into the right spots - they take risks - they head off-piste to create this “beautiful shambles’ style experience and before you know it they are back on that straight line and it's all over. Simply outstanding! 


Up next were the very cool four piece Pout - you have to take your hat off to Mia Yule as she took on the vocals and bass duties for the first time last night - not an easy thing to do unless you are Sting. These guys are super cool and we love their style and aura. Don't go changing! 


Tea Break arrived at the semi final with a drummer. These cats are awesome and they played a soft/heartwarming set that took the ambitious and rowdy Valhalla crowd down a few pegs which really showed the sheer power of what Tea Break can do when they want to. If they stick to their guns they will be spraying gunpowder all over the Capitol before we know it. 


Bam & the Monks are leaders - following is not a word these guys will ever use or respect. Insane musical vision and musicianship. An experience you just NEED to witness.


BADTAB finished the night off perfectly - a five piece band that are truly out of the box. The space between this band and their crowd is special - it's personal and it is devastatingly hypnotic! 


Huge congrats to Solar Daze for winning the semi final last night. Well deserved. 


Massive thumps up to Badtab, CIAN and Bam & the Monks for pushing on through to the DIG THE GiG VUW & MU grand Final.


All the incredible bands that registered and played we thank you for the entertainment and wonderful energy. Absolute Legends! 


It really is going to be one hell of a grand final this Sunday 23rd July at Valhalla. 



Grand Finals are big occasions and big occasions bring out the best in us.


The DIG THE GIG UOC 2023 Grand Final did exactly that - it brought out the best in everyone and everything - the fans, the bands and the music.


It was a very cold night in the Garden City - most humans would have been at home with the fire on, the electric blanket blazing or hiding under a sea of hot water bottles.


There was none of that going on at the DIG THE GIG UOC Grand Final last night - there were families out in droves supporting their favourite UOC band, there were students of all ages going nuts from the first intro, there were locals that were about to experience the A Rolling Stone Venue for the first time, there were people queuing in minus degree temperatures to see, hear and scream for their favourite UOC band, there was a heap of love and positive energy bouncing off the walls all night long.


This is what DIG THE GIG UOC has come to be over the last three years. It's a special place for people who want to connect, to dream, to support, to live, to love and to stay positive about musical achievement.


These are the values that our UOC bands have been building with DIG THE GIG since 2021. Im not sure if they know it yet but the fifty eight bands that have registered and played their hearts, souls and minds out at DIG THE GIG UOC over the past three seasons deserve a big medal - they deserve recognition - they deserve a tap on the shoulder to say thank you.


This round up is to thank all those bands that galvanised this idea and took it forward - took it to a place that will always remain positive, a place that any human can go and feel incredible and inspired for four hours on a cold Wednesday night in the Garden City. Thank you - you're all rockstars!


Floodgate - You guys have taken this comp to another level - your aggressive approach and ridiculously high energy and skillset was felt and noted. Legends. 


Red Weekend - How many humans know about you guys now that didn’t 12 weeks ago? A shit load. You are loved by so many and next year will be your year. Please Don’t Stop the Rock.


The Norwesters - What can one say - you came and delivered - you brought a new colour to the DIG THE GIG arena and brightened up the city immensely and we love you for that. Congrats on winning the Rhythm & Alp’s Arena Stage Award. Very exciting times for you dudes.


Tusekah - Simply the best in everything you do. We needed you back and you didn’t let us down. Incredible young lady with an awesome band. Cant wait to see your first big gig which we know is just around the corner. 


Crown - You put a little in and you get a little out. Hard work always pays off and it certainly paid last night. Congrats on being crowned (excuse the pun) winners of DIG THE GIG UOC 2023.


A huge thanks to ASHY and her awesome band. Wasn’t an easy crowd but you won them over.


It was an honour to see Pool House (winners of DTG 2022) back in town and playing songs from their new EP. Great band on and off the stage. Cant wait to capture your trip to LA next year. 


Emma Dilemma our rock star ring-in Host with the Most was electric and outstanding on all fronts. We love you to bits. Don't go changing. 


Mike & Gretchen - what can we say that hasn’t already been said about you both. Your belief and hard work in this tough industry is heart warming to say the least - your crew have been amazing and we look forward to DIG THE GIG season four continuing at A Rolling Stone come May 5th 20204 - Thank you. 


To Major Major - our official 2023 naming rights sponsor - Your support for NZ music and nurturing these hard working bands on the rise is hugely appreciated. 


Recycle Boutique, Sals, 212 Music Group, R&A's, Go Live Festival, R&V’s, Year of the Arts, Canta, Tunesoc & Steinlager - thank you for your continued support.


See you next year DTG UOC - we have a few surprises lined up that we know you are going to love. 




A semi final for any event is a big occasion - season three semi final for DTG UOC 2023 was exactly that.


Tealskie kicked the occasion off with a rather long set. A new line up entailed with outstanding chops on the drums and a wonderful tamborine performance to boot! These guys are a great outfit and clearly have a huge future in the world of rock n roll.


Tusekah floated onto the stage like an angel from above. This band is really starting to sound good. Great songs and knock out soul style performances from all the laidback members.


Cam Giddens is a crowd favourite. His performance brings the crowd in tight and seems to mesmerise the humans in a trance like manner. Solo bass playing at its finest and a pretty rare sight.


Red Weekend are awesome. We have enjoyed their presence and clearly the packed crowd feels the same. Their Rage Against the Machine cover was electric and blew the roof off the venue!


Floodgate are going to be hard to stop. Their energy and momentum is frightening to say the least. A real crowd favourite and we have loved every bit of them.


The Norwesters are quite simply the calm before before the storm. The ability they have to wind the crowd up into a frenzy of Irish dancing, chanting and clapping is insane.


Kenring are heavy hitters and have become a band that demands respect. They played their hearts out last night and we love them for the good work they are doing for the Christchurch music scene. 


Crown are the masters of catchy pop tunes - It certainly felt that way last night. These lads are starting to push the envelope into places that just might get them over the line come finals!


Huge thanks to Mike & Gretchen and the awesome crew at A Rolling Stone - Mike did a sterling job on the sound which is no easy feet with nine bands to try and tame and Gretchen’s finesse on the lights was impeccable. 


Emma Dilemma, our host with the most was again simply outstanding. It was a long night for all but she kept the proceedings in line and stayed on point. It is true the decibel meter never lies and tonight was no exception. It was all down to the top four decibel readings which would confirm the foundations of DTG UOC 2023 grand final.


1st place FLOODGATE 

2nd place CROWN


4th place TUSEKAH 


For the record only four bands went through last night but because of the tie with Red Weekend & The Norwester's the team here at DTG have decided this morning to put Tusekah through as they had the fourth best decibel meter reading. Kind of feel rights to us and they deserve the spot in the final accordingly. 


Bring the noise and bring the love for the DTG UOC 2023 Grand Final on July 12th at A Rolling Stone. ​



Another wonderful night in the Garden City.


What is it with this town? The support for local live music just keeps getting stronger! 


Big favourites Tusekah landed on the stage at 8.30pm and had the crowd in a tailspin from the get go. To have the packed house singing your original songs was impressive and really set the bar extremely high. Tusekah has something very special and we love watching her upward progress.


New comers to the DTG scene Floodgate had an air about them - a local four piece band that clearly know how to hit fifth gear in a matter of seconds. Heart, fingers, vibes and sticks - Floodgate really nailed it. They took some chances and delivered an extremely professional three song set. Wonderful musicians on and off the stage. It was noted that they brought a large rowdy crowd with them. 


Final band of the night was GIBSON XCVIII. An ensemble of tight and precise muso’s - these guys played well - there originals were unique and instantly affective the audience. Superb guitar solo’s and a frontman that knows really knows his range! We loved them.


Floodgate mesmerised the decibel meter. It was a tight tussle but they played hard and brought the noise. 


A huge congrats to our fill in Host with the Most Emma Dilemma - Emma ran the evening wth finesse, style, rock n roll swagger and complete sassiness! 


A wonderful evening - the semi finals on June 28th will be insane!

Get there early as the venue will be at full capacity.



Heat 3 started with a bang!


Local heroes Red Weekend got the first punch in big time. Sam Hicks vocal range was impressive  but Caleb Barlow might have stolen the show with his ridiculous guitar solo on their ACDC cover. 


New comers Hatch played their three song set like it was their last. Incredible energy from the entire band. These guys are unknown but we reckon that might change if the stars align.


It's the first time in the history of DTG that the vibrant sounds of Western Folk Traditions swept through the venue. The Norwester’s (formally a duo) Cris & Liam had some back up with bass and drums and they went pretty hard. So hard that shirts came off on stage and it was all down hill from there on in. A blistering set by a band that know there shit!


Second Hand Goods have always been crowd favourites at DTG. Their Wet Leg cover was the best of the night. 


The Norwester’s won this heat in fine style but it was extremely close.

Congrats to all the bands and most importantly all the awesome fans that came out and went NUTS!



It was another balmy day in the capitol and by the looks of the crowd at 4.30pm it was going to be hot box inside Valhalla for DTG Heat 3.


House band for the evening Celtic Death played proud and they played ridiculously loud. Out of Hand were the first band to jump in the ring of rock n roll and my god they delivered setting the bar friggin high! Pout were special and by their last song had the crowd invested. Fifth Season were charming in all the right ways which gave Slow Burn the perfect platform to take the night to new levels. Their frontman confessed of a large night prior but got everyone in Valhalla clapping and chanting as they drove home their blistering 3 song set. The InBetween were clearly crowd favourites and went deep on all levels. So deep that everyones cell phone light came out for their incredible original song. Next up was Solah Dayze - no strangers to live performance these guys are super professional and push their high musical standards to the limits. Very impressive to say the least. Tea Break closed the show out - an interesting female set up with the unique songs and sound that won the crowd over and also the Decibel Meter.


Tea Break pulled off a big win and I hope they will be prepared for the semis as it will be a BANGER!



Heat 2 in the Garden City LIVE @ The Rolling Stone certainly didn’t disappoint.


Isolar broke the the ice and performed pretty bloody well considering it was their first gig! A four piece rock band that is going to reek havoc if they stay on course.

Kenring are no strangers to the DTG format - they blew the crowd away with some heavy hooks and a bout of insane vocals form Jono Manning.

Cam Giiddens is unique character and put simply he mesmerised the fans - Solo bass player from the heavens! 

Kenring’s aggressive and calculating approach brought them home and will send them into their second DTG semi final - surely it's their year! 


CONGRATULATIONS KENRING - We're all excited to see what you bring in the Semi's.



Last night Valhalla came alive once more! This is one of the smaller heats of the competition with only three bands competing. However all three brands stepped on stage and gave it their all! The Major Major was flowing, the Sal's pizza was sustaining energies, and all bands rose up and gave it there all!

In the decibel meter we trust, and CIAN took out the second Wellington heat with a rockstar performance that got the crowd pumping.


CONGRATULATIONS CIAN - We're all excited to see what you bring in the Semi's.



DIG THE GIG Christchurch lit up once again with LIVE performances at The Rolling Stone! Fantastic music, energetic vibes and a great test for the decibel meter!


CONGRATULATIONS CROWN - See you in the semi's, one step closer to taking the throne!


Everyone rocked out and the crowd made some noise! It was crown that the fans wanted and decided, so through they go.



What a way to launch DIG THE GIG Wellington LIVE at Valhalla! All the bands gave it their all and they all set an extremely high level of performance, energy and creativity with their original tracks.

It was close but the Decibel Meter doesn't lie, and BADTAB took out the first heat with a rockstar performance that got the crowd pumping.


CONGRATULATIONS BADTAB - We're all excited to see what you bring in the Semi's.


We also want to congratulate all the bands as it was a close call and every band showed up and launched DIG THE GIG in Wellington in the only way they knew how - by raising the roof off of Valhalla! We wish we could reward every single one of you... but hold tight, there are a few wild cards to pick - so your journey might not be over just yet!


'no clue'

Last years DIG THE GIG winners 'Pool House' have released their debut single 'No Clue.'

Watch below and absorb the retro vibes. It's so satisfying watching their journey evolve. From making the crowd roar at their live performances to recording in the studio and releasing this absolute gem of a video!

JULY 14 2022:




Pool House delivered once again to a full crowd in the Dig The Gig finals held in Christchurch at the venue now known as the home of DTG - A Rolling Stone. As they took the stage and gave it all they had, the crowd cheered them on as if they invented music! With a competition stealing performance Pool House delivered a set that had the crowd register an almost decibel meter breaking response.

All bands who performed in the finals (Crown, Pool House, Ragweed and Monk Seals) delivered stand out performances and the competition was tight. The talent displayed on stage and the mojo left in the air electrified the crowd and made for a close race to the decibel finish line.


The 2022 Dig The Gig winners 'Pool House' went on to take out the finals and be crowned the 2022 Dig The Gig Winners. The band will now begin to embark on the production of their original single release and their debut music video. 

History has been made once again. Pool House join last years winners 'this dog' on a very short list of bands that won the crowd over with talent, energy and some original good old fashioned kiwi musicality.





The first ever DIG THE GIG winners 'this dog' have released their debut single 'Feel The Same.'

Watch it below and get ready to make some noise like ya'll did at the finals because this song (and video) captures the personality, talent and charm of these future hitmakers! 




Equal parts immense anticipation, and intense emotional release. A challenge was set and the talent stepped up.

They gave all they could, then they gave some  more.

To everyone that played, you rocked!

You all stole a moment of time and made magic. 

To the first ever DIG THE GIG winners…

THIS DOG - you sexy musical mystic beasts, the crown and glory is yours!


A new chapter begins as the world gets set to embrace your chosen single!

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