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This year, DIG THE GIG has launched a profile page for every band in the comp. It is a big part of our vision for the brand to help fans connect with bands, bands to connect with fans and delivering a  platform that promotes bands and gets them heard! 

We are all about unearthing new talent and finding the rockstars of the future. We encourage you to explore the profiles, get to know the bands and cheer them on at the live gigs. Furthermore, if you are a band and think there is anything else we can do to help you ignite your journey - drop us a line. Our ears are open.


Welcome to the coolest University Band Competition in the World!

Register. Perform. Kick Ass & Enjoy the Ride.

DIG THE GIG was established in twenty twenty one to create a musical movement - a movement to get student bands out of their flats/halls of residents and into a live music venue to put on a kick ass show and connect to humans that should know about them but probably don’t. 


DIG THE GIG exposes and unearth's the bands through the fans. There are no Judges - the bands are carried through the heats, onto the semi’s and into the grand final by a DECIBEL METRE. That’s right the band that brings the best live show and the loudest crowd night after night will be crowned winners of DIG THE GIG. It's only Rock N Roll but it’s that SIMPLE.


Each band has to play three songs in their heat. One cover and two originals.


DIG THE GIG has been created to nurture, mentor and help guide our incredible NZ University Bands through the to the next level of their musical careers.


Its important work but we love doing it. 


If you are a student and you have a band, make sure you climb onboard this life changing opportunity and register!


Registrations for DIG THE GIG University of Canterbury and DIG THE GIG Victoria & Massey University's  open on March 13th.


No one wins unless everyone wins - every band that registers and performs wins. The performances are next level and so are our prizes!


Here's a quick breakdown of how it works…


Registering for the competition will commence Monday March 13th 


DIG THE GIG UOC competition kicks off on Wednesday May 3rd at A Rolling Stone - Christchurch

DIG THE GUG VUW & Massey competition kicks off on Sunday April 30th at Valhalla - Wellington 


The first step is to register your band! 

Important Note: Only one of your band members needs to be a current student at Canterbury University.


Once registered, one of the DIG THE GIG team will get in touch and send out your rock n roll information pack.


Competition Format:

The format for the competition is simple, each band will be required to perform three songs, two originals and one cover. 


The winner of each DIG THE GIG heat will be determined by the applause and roar of the crowd on the night, measured by a decibel meter. The biggest noise from the audience will decide the winner. 

Helpful hint: As you can imagine it will help if you rally your biggest and loudest fans, groupies, family and supporters to come to the venue and enjoy the show and make sure they stay until that important live decision moment at the end of the night. 

In the name of fairness... Each heat will also be attended by a professional NZ musician and they will be listening with highly tuned ears. These musicians have the power to also select a 'WILD CARD' band to head into the semi-finals. 


So even if you don't win on crowd-roar alone, your talent may see you get selected as a wild card entry into the Semi-finals!!

In a traditional round-robin style of knockout each heat will determine the final qualifiers and the final few bands will go head to head in the DIG THE GIG Grand Final to determine UOC’s & VUW / MU's favourite live band… The rest will be history.


All bands, all genres are welcome. So even if you are a jazz trio or a death metal two piece - register, perform and be in to win!


The technical aspects of the stage will be setup in advance including mics, amps, sound system, keyboards, drum kit, sound desk and lighting. So you will only need to bring your drum sticks, cymbals and your favourite guitar. If you would like to know more about the stage setup to ensure it works for you, please get in touch with the organisers - details will be in the info pack you receive after you register.


The organisers are still diligently working on pulling together one hell of a prize pack. Please feel free to check back in with this website to stay up to date with the prizes up for grabs. Click here to see the prizes up for grabs!


Band Artwork and Competition Promotion.

Every band that registers will be invited to supply a band photo and some answers to a basic Q&A. If you are a UOC entry, you will be invited into the Whistle & Ride Studios where we can take the band photo for you.  These details will be placed on the DTG website. This year, every band will have its own page for your fans to enjoy & connect with over the course of the competition. 

Questions welcome. Remember to have fun and enjoy the chance to feed off a live crowd. 


Give all you can, then give some more .

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