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Robbie Redvers (lead vocals)

Fēlix Hogers (lead guitar)

Jake Fearon (rhythm guitar)

Nick Klaver (bass)

Andre Vanderpark (drums)

Dig The Gig is judged on crowd noise -  So it forces you to venture into your community and get as many mates and family members down to your gig as you can. 

It's a great way to celebrate local music together, and we're forever grateful for the boost it gave us.

It was our first time in a studio which was a blast! Moses Robbins produced our track! It was our first proper music video and it has helped us immensely moving forwards into this insane musical journey we are embracing. Winning DTG gave us a real head start - it gave us important assets to gain valuable momentum in the industry. We are grateful. 


We'll never forget the many faces that showed up for us in DTG 2021. Friends old and new gave us so much aroha to get us over the line. There was also a heap of free pizza so that probably helped too.


Robbie - this dog

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