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DIG THE GIG BAND PROFILE: The Rockstars of Massey University and Victoria University of Wellington.


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Eli Larkindale (guitar, vocals, synth/tape)

Bentley Parker (guitar)

Max Bradley (bass)

Dillon Butcher (drums)

Music is an ethereal journey, an experience that forces you to let go of the destination and delve deeper.

Their Eyes Were Flowers is a four piece experimental rock band that was started as the solo project of frontman Eli Larkindale (Guitar, Vocals, Synths/tape). Upon dissolving his previous project "Leaving Home" in mid 2022, he invited longtime friends Max Bradley (bass), Bentley Parker(Guitar) and Dillon Butcher(drums) to join him and create the band now known as Their Eyes Were Flowers.


The band is heavily influenced by artists like SWANS, Natural Snow Buildings, Nick Cave, Xiu Xiu and This Heat, creating ethereal atmospheres and huge, crushing crescendos.

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