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DIG THE GIG BAND PROFILE: The Rockstars of University of Canterbury.


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Rebekah Pemberton (lead vocals)

Tim Miller (lead guitar)

Liam Wilkie (bass)

Josh Heslop (drums)

Something wickedly groovy this way comes...


Deep within the Tropical Tealskie jungle, you’ll find Wilkie curating delicious bass licks all through the night overtop of Josh’s thundering drums, creating wicked grooves under the tall trees.


They play as guitarist Tim overlays beautiful melodies; fuelled by a burning passion, he pours his heart into his guitar as he makes it sing beneath the moonlight. Lounging by a blue lagoon, singer Rebekah transcends our world when singing, crying out to the sky with a performance style that is raw and unapologetically her.


After crossing paths and blending a love of 90s rock, punk n funk; some say Tealskie are a myth, where others say they’re mere mortals gone mad but, Tealskie has broken through the horizon and show no signs of slowing down…

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