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DIG THE GIG BAND PROFILE: The Rockstars of Massey University and Victoria University of Wellington.


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Cara (lead guitar, vocals)

Olive (bass, vocals)

Finn (guitar, keys, vocals)

Nikita (guitar, keys, vocals)

Creative tea lovers set to brew complex tannins for your ears!

Music that hits with the distinction of Oolong, transports you to the lighter side of rock n roll like a smooth green tea, only to ignite the crowd with the energy of Matcha! 


Tea Break is a singer-songwriter band made up of 4 tea lovers: Olive, Cara, Finn and Nikita. Olive plays the bass, Cara is on lead guitar, and Finn and Nikita play both guitar and keys, with all members singing.


We’re new to playing live but super keen to take the stage. Our musical influences include Boygenius and it’s members, Clairo and There’s a Tuesday. All members are students of Massey University, and are ironically art students, not music.


Our name ‘tea break’ came about from the wall decorations in the room that we erratically decided to start a band. Nikita and Finn’s favourite type of tea is green tea, Olive's is redbush, and Cara's is matcha. We hope you like our music as much as we like tea!

We're ready to pluck our guitar strings like fresh leaves from a tea tree, crush the keys like it's prepped to sort and then add some heat to steep our musical notes into the perfect musical brew.  

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