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(Registrations for DIG THE GIG UOC 2023 are now closed.)


Register Online.

Fill out the form below with your band details. One of our team will be back in touch with your scheduled LIVE music gig.



Get your band together and start practicing. It's time to get gig ready and show a crowd what you're capable of! You will also be invited to swing by Whistle and Ride Studios in to have a band photo taken and answer a quick Q&A so that we can create a band profile for you on the DTG site to share.


2023 is ALL about the bands and we want the fans to get to know a little bit about you before you take the stage!

Check out the about page for more details on how the competition works.


Live Performance.

Our team will let you know when your LIVE gig is scheduled. You will be up against other bands and the winner will be determined by the highest decibel meter reading of crowd applause... (hint make sure you get your mates and supporters there on the night of your gig, ready to scream for you come decision time!)

The Heat Schedule.

Heat 1 Wednesday May 3rd

Heat 2 Wednesday May 17th

Heat 3 Wednesday May 31st

Heat 4 Wednesday June 14th

Semi Final Wednesday June 28th

Final Wednesday July 12th

Dig The Gig: University of Canterbury.

Venue: A Rolling Stone

579 Colombo St, Christchurch.

Doors open at 7pm 

House-band warms up the PA at 8pm

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