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DIG THE GIG BAND PROFILE: The Rockstars of University of Canterbury.


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Sam Hicks (lead vocals)

Jason Faithful (rhythm guitar)

Caleb Barlow (rhythm guitar)

Daniel Ralph (bass)

Cam Williams (drums)

Peoples Choice Award winners with eyes on a new crown!

Red Weekend is an all entertaining 5 piece band from Christchurch comprising of Sam Hicks (singer) Jaxon Faithful (Rhythm Guitar) Caleb Barlow (lead Guitar) Daniel Ralph (Bass) and Cam Williams (Drums) with their classic rock sound and compelling riffs bring pure emotion, and their raw energy draws the crowd in every time.

Red Weekend came together 3 years ago at Papanui High School where they also entered and won The Peoples Choice Award at the Smokefree Rockquest Canterbury Regionals 2021. They have gone on to perform regular gigs around town including a highlight for them was opening for Stonehurst mid last year.

Red Weekend have had influences from AC\DC to Iron Maiden and can play anything from classic rock to heavy with a groove that you cant help yourself but to join in with the crowd. The boys can pull anything into their own style, and always bring a commitment of putting on a great show filled with high energy..."So Get Ready to Rock"

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