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Will Georgeson (guitar, vocals)

Harry van der Gulik (lead guitar)

Samuel Crips (bass)

Flynn Fierro (drums)

The Dig The Gig crowd was pretty nuts! The venue had reached capacity before our friends and fans had even got there. The fans are rooting for the band they came to support, so there's this really nice sense of rivalry going on.

Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.

The surprise for us was how people that were there to support others bands start cheering you on and supporting fantastic music. We also spread the word hard. We were hitting up family and work colleagues. It fairly easy to get someone you know to a gig, but it's harder to get someone to two gigs, let alone three gigs in row! 

But as we rocked the semi-finals, the the finals the support, even from people we didn't know was just electric. Dig The Gig is important because it centralises 'the scene.' It gives bands a platform and connects bands, fans and venues all in one. Amazing Experience.


Will - Pool House

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