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We would like to invite you to join us at one of the electric DIG THE GIG live gigs!

It's the perfect way to see what we're all about and exactly what DIG THE GIG is doing for young university musicians across the country. 

This is an incredibly unique competition created to support and launch much of the amazing young musical talent across the nation.

We're looking for sponsorship to join us on this exciting journey and help us to continue to grow the events and bring this brand to even brighter and bolder fruition.

Some of the current sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Branding of the Decibel Meter that decides the winner and is the focus of the entire audiences attention at the end of each live event - either nationwide or by city.

  • Live event promotions to a captive university level student market.

  • More prize offerings for the winning bands, fans and spot prizes.

  • Giant LED Screen promotion in between bands for 2024 gigs.

  • Social Media partnerships for a highly engaged 18-25 target demographic.

  • Sponsored corporate gigs. Invite your favourite bands to play and entertain your staff at the next company function.

  • Podcast sponsorship for 2024. Interviews and discussions about the current music scene with the competition bands. Discover their influences and obscure music that you might no otherwise ever find on Spotify and Apple Music.

  • Band Boosters - Sponsor an individual band and get offline billboards in your local city and have your band included in the live gig band introduction.

  • Sponsorship of the band stories. Each band will have a 2min segment captured and produced for placement on the screens before the bands take the stage to play their three song set. Epic!

There are so many more opportunities to come. The above is just the beginning.


Download our latest 2023 ANALYTICS PDF. This gives a quick snapshot of where the brand is currently - and it's only growing expontentially.


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