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DIG THE GIG BAND PROFILE: The Rockstars of University of Canterbury.


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Jacob Prout (male vocals, guitar, founder)

Georgia Neal-Brown (female vocals, rhythm guitar)

Brian Prout (bass)

Dean Holiday (drums)

Get ready for ferocious rock by and for die hard rock lovers.

In The City are a Christchurch-based rock band that strives to deliver their originals ferociously. Which range widely from pop sing-alongs to raunchy rockers.

Jacob Prout is In the City’s founder, lead guitarist, and male vocalist. His rock ’n’ roll heroes are Chuck Berry and Eddie Cochran but he also loves The Clash and The Jam.

Georgia Neal-Brown brings her soulful vocals as the female vocalist and Rhythm guitarist. She loves Amy Winehouse and the growl of Pearl Jam and Audio Slave. 

Dean Holiday is the drummer who brings the noise! He has been playing in originals and cover bands since the 90s and brings the driving power of hard rock groups like G’n’R and Metallica.

Brian Prout is the bassist and the ears of the band. He loves a huge variety of music but is a die-hard fan of Bruce Springsteen. His keen musical instincts greatly innovative the group’s originals.   

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