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DIG THE GIG BAND PROFILE: The Rockstars of University of Canterbury.


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Ewie JC (frontman)

Travis Brett (six string)

Liam Barnett (bass)

Stacey Tapswell (drums)

A chance encounter in a bank, now they're ready to steal the show!

We are HatcH. A self recorded and promoted rock quartet formed in the South Island of New Zealand.


After a chance meeting in a bank between drummer Stacey Tapswell and Frontman and lyricist Ewie JC. The words, “do you wanna start a band” were exchanged and HatcH bounced into being in late 2021.


Adding in the superior talent of Liam “The Count” Barnett on Bass and musical wizardry of Travis Brett on the 6 string. HatcH is going from strength to strength and will be releasing music and playing shows throughout 2023.


Join the sessions by following on all socials.

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