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DIG THE GIG BAND PROFILE: The Rockstars of the University of Auckland.


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Jay Alexander (bass, guitar, vocals)

Ruairi Brunt (guitar, bass)

Kevin Khalee (drums)

 Heavy Psych Mish Mash.

Exit Sign is a trio of heavy psychedelic rockers who put space, distortion, and riffs at the musical center. They consist of Jay Alexander on freakishly distorted bass and vocals, Ruairi Brunt on over-overdriven guitar, and Kevin Khaleel on pots and pans with a snare.


The band came together after collaborating on a jazz/metal project last year, in which the spacey yet crushing sounds continued to a more formal (and super jammy) band setting. The boys have been making music since only March 2023, with influences touching sludge metal, blues, and old-school psych rock genres.


Exit Sign are excited to perform their sound live and hopes to be loud, proud, and able to give the audience some well-deserved noisy fun.

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