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DIG THE GIG BAND PROFILE: The Rockstars of Massey University and Victoria University of Wellington.


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Monty aka. Big Monster (an instrument already on stage)

Piero (waxes lyrical on the empirical miracle tip)

Joel (keys)

Michael (drums)

Tom Wells (kinder surprise)

Bam Monk Motherfunk!

Where monks are the combination of peace and dedication, Bam is the combination of everything else. Bam and the Monks = Everything and peace.

At our core we are an alt-pop, neo-soul, jazz hop supergroup. From the Soulquarians all the way to death grips, we love to use all of the mics available and rip the stage.


Monty AKA Big Montsta plays an instrument we’ve already got onstage.

Micheal on the drums, some would say that’s crazy but not us

Joel plays the keys and opens the doors

Piero raps, why? At some point he does yeah. Why? Cos it needed a rap

Tom Wells well? Find out

And Bam plays the Monks with pineal precision

Influences include d Angelo, Stevie wonder, hiatus kaiyote, snarky puppy, vulfpeck, young thug, Kendrick Lamar and outcast


Yours truly,


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