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DIG THE GIG BAND PROFILE: The Rockstars of Massey University and Victoria University of Wellington.


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Ethan Rainer Downing (vocalist, guitar)

Kahukuranui Hunter-Brown (keyboard/synth)

Manaaki Tibble (bass)

Louis Nixon (synth)

Hamish Mckinley (drums, percussion)

Sometimes it takes 'other-worldy' to blow the f@#ken roof off!

BADTAB? What is it, who are we? It’s a loaded question for sure, BADTAB at the crux of its existence is a multi-instrumental psychedelic orchestra from the planet of Glopnorg in the Keppler system.


Their spacecraft was compromised by Kor Frus the centre of the Oort Cloud, but Ghanjees quick thinking allowed them to fix the Flux Capacitor to bring the people sonic exploration that would upheave the monotonous drag of capitalism, colonialism and xenophobia. Their arrival on Earth just 8 months ago signalled a new age of virtuous melodies and psychotropic chord progressions, however an enemy was waiting.  

Kor Frus from the Gimbah sector had already touched down on planet Earth eons ago and just when it seemed the fight for the people's tones was over, Ghanjee the synthesist, Kushla the drummer, Naaks the Bassist, Zoot the keyboardist and Boog the guitarist, appeared in a thin layer of fog and a beam of light.

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